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Pink Ribbons & Grey Hues



Expressing my mood through my style and I chose these two soft tones to do just that.

Working it in the soft pink asymmetrical skirt I designed about a year ago.

I’m dancing delicately in soft pink and grey hues.

I never was fond of the colour pink but now it brings meaning to me; Now to me, it symbolizes moral support. I derive the symbolization of moral support actually from the pink ribbon that represents breast cancer…Through a difficult period, sometimes moral support is the greatest or the only thing you can give someone. On this day I was reminded of how delicate life is and that anyone can be robbed of theirs at any given moment; even the happiest, hardest working, most caring and deserving individuals…so let’s live for those we have lost and not take granted for those we are fortunate to have.

  Yours truly, xoxo