Leather Baroque Cut Out Bustier See More..

Derek Hui Photography - www.derekhui.com

I really like this statement necklace with my leather bustier, it gave it a hint of a vintage look that I was going for. Derek Hui Photography - www.derekhui.comDerek Hui Photography - www.derekhui.com

Derek Hui Photography - www.derekhui.comI think I have a thing for earthy tones. Derek Hui Photography - www.derekhui.com

• Mexx Linen Blazer • American Apparel High-Waisted Tights • Zara Trafaluc Court Heels •

• Blazer • Bustier • Vintage  •

• Bustier • Cut Out • Floral Trimming• Mustard Yellow •

I designed this bustier back in May when they were flying off the retail shelf. So I had to make a unique one for myself that no one else would have ♡


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